Soffit & Fascia: Never Overlook The Little Things!

Soffit Repair: We Target What Matters

Soffits are exposed siding found below a roof’s overhang. Soffits provide ventilation that helps keep steady airflow between the roof and the attic of your home. They work hand in hand with the fascia, serving as the final line of support for the lower edge of your roof shingles or tiles. Soffits and fascia are very important as they provide ventilation to your home and prevent water damage. So as they age and need to be replaced or fixed, soffit repair is one thing you don’t want to forget to get done.

Soffit and Fascia

We know what’s right for Your Homes!

X Siding specializes in fitting soffits and fascia as well as soffit repair. We provide low maintenance Soffit & Fascia upgrades that can transform your home’s exterior appearance. Soffits and fascia maintain their look and do not need to be painted or remodeled. Therefore, selecting a durable and long lasting soffit and fascia installation partner is important. When installing anything on your house, you want to make sure it’s done well, we will work to make sure that the appearance and functionality of your home is exactly how you want it. 

We Install Soffit & Fascia That Are

  • Maintenance Free
  • High Quality & Durable
  • Available In Multiple Colors
  • Modern & Stylish

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